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Houston family photographer and portrait studio serving the Greater Houston area since 2010.

Beautiful, hand crafted portraits for your home.

Family & Children's Portraits

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"Our portraits are gorgeous, the service was amazing, and we all had a great time. Thank you for such a wonderful experience."

Patti Parks

At Flint Photography, we create hand crafted portraits your family will cherish for many generations to come.

We specialize in beautiful family portraits for your home.  Each and every piece is a once in a lifetime creation.  So we craft every portrait by  hand with museum grade materials and techniques, taking care of every detail to make sure your portrait is nothing less than perfect.

We take all of the guesswork out of size, finish, framing and whether or not your portrait will look amazing in your home.


The Flint Photography Experience

You're one busy mom and your family means everything to you. You spend each and every day making sure they have what they need to succeed. It's an endless task, but you wouldn't trade it for the world.

Having a portrait made is important to you, but you just can't seem to find the time. So, you keep putting it off “until things settle down”, but they never do.  As you look back now, you may not even remember the last time (if ever) you had a family portrait created.

We're here to help!

You don't have portraits made very often, but we do it every day, so we're here to help you handle every detail  – from putting together the perfect concept for your family portrait, to installing your portrait display. We'll make sure every detail is perfect!

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Sandy Flint
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